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Beauty Lost All Its Lure After My Death, A Urdu Ghazal By Ghalib In English Translation

Beauty lost all its lure after my death
My enemies are now at rest after my death

No one could be the king of love after my death
No one now knows how to love after my death

A candle ends up giving off smoke
The flame of love is now dark after my death

In my grave I pity them. Now they paint their nails
with henna, not with my blood, after my death

Beauty leaves those who have no heart
Their eyes don't love kohl after my death

In the frenzy of farewell, my lovers
Will tear off their clothes after my death

Who will rival him losing himself drunk in love?
Asks the bartender again and again, after my death

I am dying with this grief in my heart -
No one will mourn the death of love, after my death

'Ghalib' is sad over the helplessness of lovers
How could they living in shocking grief after my death?

by Ravi Kopra

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