Only One

Over a decade has passed along with our youth since falling in love. A single forever wedded commitment for me,
and thats my limit allowing for no more.
I cant quite seem
to put this ragged heart
or another,
through such an ordeal, full catastrophe love
in loyalty
yet still ending in divorce.
All these years past so far apart 'tis true
but still awestruck at the sight of your face.
Your gentle looks, and glacial blue eyes and loving voice I have failed replace.
We only visit a few times each passing year
To bask in a brilliant son that shines
with the light of thousand stars at least.
I always look twice and again
to piercing blue eyes and alabaster skin.
Swift comes the icy sharp edge of the emotional dagger to my guts.
Again and again this assault plays out
But I continue to keep looking
knowing the blows that will soon follow
Of that there is no doubt.
So why continue to offer my belly up for the blade?
It reminds me that love, and life..include all of the best and also the worst choices we have made.

by S.J. Perron

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