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Beauty Of Nature

The beauty of Nature is such a splendid thing
In the sunlit Parkland the birds chirp and sing
Young magpies are piping on the sheoak trees
And there is a gentle freshness in the mild Summer breeze.

The tiny willy wagtail try to chase the magpies away
From his place in the Park but despite him they stay
They live in his territory him they don't fear
Not always peaceful in Nature or so 'twould appear.

Though the forecast for tomorrow is warm and sunny again
The swallows fly low some say a sign of rain
Not a grey cloud in sight the sky is so blue
And so good to look out on the beautiful view.

It captivates artists and inspires bards to rhyme
And the beauty of Nature it does not change with time
The birds chirp and whistle on bush, hedge and tree
And the sun shining bright on the park by the sea.

by Francis Duggan

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