Beauty Queen

In all her splendor she shines
In all her glory she charms
With all her beauty she's poised
With all her grace she's composed

Adorable queen, queen of the sky
Her damsels are the stars up high
She trully emerges and she stands out
A real beauty, that's what we talk about

She makes every poet write poems
She makes every lover love love
She makes every singer sing songs
And creates good friendship in every foe

She brings a smile to every broken heart
She brings hope to every hopeless fight
She brings joy to every painful cries
And creates solitude in every lonely night

She is a queen, a queen so inspiring
She is a friend, a friend since the beginning
She is an enigma, enigmatic and mysterious
And she never fails to give color to my world

She is the moon, the goddess in the sky
She is Luna, Yes A Diana most high
She is Phoebe, She is Selene
She is Artemis a great beauty queen.

by naida supnet

Comments (44)

She must be a beauty queen, I am looking at her through this lovely poem.
such a poem with emotions. the lovers who love, love.
Wow, so beautifully written like a queen!
Yes A Diana most high! Thanks for sharing.
wow! ...what a lovely poem, well written and just flows with beautifully woven words. thank for sharing Siya_! !
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