Beauty Queen Or Garden Gnome?

Poem By Mary Nagy

You say that you can picture me sitting in my chair.
What is it that you picture when you look from over there?
Do you envision beauty or an ugly, wrinkled hag?
Does my skin give off a glow or do my wrinkles sag?

It's strange to think you picture someone you've never seen.
I could be short and squatty or maybe tall and lean.
What is the face that's given to represent this poem?
Is it of a beauty queen or just a garden gnome?

Comments about Beauty Queen Or Garden Gnome?

I thought you projected cheerful energy full of kindness and wisdom, which makes one beautiful.
Mary, it shouldn't really matter, but I do often wonder the same thing. Excellent write! ! Brian
Sorry, your picture is posted at the top of this site - no garden gnome there. Ha, Ha, Ha! ! Love the poem, becuase we all have web site friends that we love, but cannot put faces to.
Dear Mary I hope that no-one has forgot to try and see us on the inside. Love Duncan
I think this may be an example of how a certain age can scramble one's brain. We find this again and again. To be an expert (: -))) it is necesary to have a modicum of intellect and learnings. Mary does possess both. H

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