Beauty's Beast

Poem By Daniel Murphy

Beauty is annoying
It stares you in the face.
It's very like the truth
It puts you in your place.

It makes you feel unworthy
It brings you hurt inside.
You can't stand to see it
Whether near, far or wide.

Beauty is skin deep
Or so we are told.
Tell that to the ugly one
Standing in the cold.

The beauty sipping champagne
Lazing by the fire.
Life can seen unfair
Rather sad and rather dire.

But don't forget they're stupid
It's part of who they are.
You're the really smart one
More intelligent by far.

Skin will go saggy
Beauty will fade.
You'll possess the knowledge
Through knowledge you are made.

Beauty is here
Then beauty is gone.
Knowledge is power
Knowledge keeps you strong.

So don't feel too bad
When a beauty walks your way.
Think about their IQ
You'd outsmart them any day.

Beauty dies fast
It has nowhere to hide.
That's why you should feel good
You shouldn't feel annoyed!

Comments about Beauty's Beast

7th verse is my favorite. truth, and beauty in its starkness. keep on! SusxGLx

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