Beauty Sleeping Breathes

The silhouette of the horizon is wavering, as a mile a minuet we pass
Chalk figures etched into the hillside by ancient hands echoing the grandeur lost of our kingdom green.

Searching for love in the shade of the hangman’s tree,
I'm seeking freedom in the shadow of misery.

Beneath a blanket death the springtime maiden - beauty sleeping breathes
Beneath a blanket of fallen leaves, there she receives comfort warmth from her mothers bosom
Suckling upon the roots of the world tree no serpent is she that sets us free.

The Willow man is singing, heralding the Oak kings return.
The Summer Sun is rising and to no surprise smiles return once more upon the faces
Of those who can find no joy within the hibernation that Winter decrees.

The shadows of the night reflect themselves in contorted passion,
Strange gnarled expressions whisper in my ear the secrets of now and then
The fear of darkness is the fear of death enveloping, suffocating the skin.

by David Lacey

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