Beauty Taste

Oh! my love to say,
I encounter something today.
Beauty comes with age.
If beauty is within, there is nothing to fade.
It is a lovely thing to have a crown.
Though nature cries spring and never leaves the ground.
As the months go round, and seasons stomp the years,
It is like music to my ears.
The eternal source of beauty decorate
Is like a well-groomed horse and all its generation.
Like a beautiful rose you grow with commission
Learning remission as you grow and never stop being committed.
Again my love, I say I really want you to understand
That beauty don't fade when life's misfortune comes to hand.
Not to add the things I feel, when you do the things you do.
But a beauty at will you wonder why others don't see you as I do.
Oh! my beauty with your unchanging style
Have you understood your sueded, that really makes me smile.
Your beauty is not the luxury that you really can't afford.
It's the true feeling when you worry when you're in or outdoors.
Real beauty comes humble
As it generates growth
Knowing that life is a mumble,
If living is out of it's growth.
Oh! Beauty of mine
Do we meet the hearts of other beautiful design.
For if we do at heart,
We will never part.

by Henry Clifton Monk

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