.beauty That Binds, Thorns That Defend.

Among the suffocating weeds
of this overgrown city I found you.
Defiant in your beauty, shielding
yourself from the ever emerging
hope chokers, repelling those
that tried in vain to pull you down.
A siren in the shadows luring all
with your petal gentle smile.

Each cut strenghened my desire
to tame you, each crimson droplet
of reject reminded me of the prize.
Slowly your sharp shields smoothed;
your gestures like a gentle breeze
cooled the heated air of suspense.

When finnally we embraced-
a stillness fell upon the world outside
and there we kissed, two hearts
beating in natural nervous unison.
Even your thorns retracted just
enough to allow yourself the touch
of unfelt, unexchanged passion.

Yet even today in the pillowed
safety of my arms, your thorns
sometimes appear- a reminder of
the past, one that can never be erased.
And every so often I bleed.

by Not Long Left

Comments (5)

It is a pleasure reading structured disciplined poetry the meaning well defined from me to you thank you it's colors are.. iip
a little joy and a little sorrow...but that makes the love happier and binding...lovely poem...nalini
This one is beautiful Vincent. A delightful write with such lovely images to leave in the mind. A super read, a pleasure to have found it. A 10 from me. Love Ernestine XXX
Dear Vincent You have covered in -part at least some of the complexities of another, your flow is fluid and your message clear, You must have dipped your quill into the font of wisdom today A wonderful insight Love Duncan
Fabulous love poem Vincent. Thorns as your title depicts, are natures way of preserving the rose imo. I love your work. Tai