Unity In Diversity

Unified in Diversity.
That's what people today should be.
Humans embracing harmony and happiness.
Hope that flowers from the seed,
That will allow us all to prosper.

Why does colour or race matter?
Why not join together, instead of being scrambled and scattered?
Why can't we just not plainly see,
The unity in diversity?

People will be people all the same,
And under the setting sun,
Nothing may ever change,

But I am here to take a stand,
To show the world how to finally be,

Unified in Diversity.

by Peter Vector

Comments (7)

Nice poem, I liked the words. Took me three days to read, worth it.
Remarkable that the last couplet of each sonnet summed up the feelings. Great writing.
Beautiful rhyme. Invokes powerful images. Rare to see sonnets these days. Well done.
Fair is my love! ! Thanks for sharing.
Seven sonnet stanzas of beautiful composition about one's love of a beautiful lady is wonderful to read and enjoy indeed!
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