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Beauty Vs Tranquility

Who is to judge and who to blame
How can you say I saw a flame
Beneath this shell under my eye
Layer after layer stacked so high
I try to hide you need a key
Only one way in can’t you see
Through my heart not my mask
Love my soul, please don’t ask
Look at me if you can
Are you the one, my only man
Can you unlock my love inside
A key you bare but still I hide
My beauty shown to you my love
This is heaven from above
Beneath these walls that I have built
I try to hide cover the guilt
It’s all in vein the masks I wear
I’m still a child shaking with fear
The world is big far and wide
Nowhere to run, I cannot hide
But still I try to cover my face
Don’t look at me leave this place
This is my world turned all around
You will leave here without a sound
My world of crazies life’s insane
My world of passion, my life of pain

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