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Beauty Walks Within (For Lord Byron)
PE ( / Montreal, Canada)

Beauty Walks Within (For Lord Byron)

Climbing to the mountaintop
against blinding blue skin
I asked of her majesty
all that's best of dark and bright
'come to me and be through my eyes'
a wish made elaborately simple
for I, to be done in complete

Down my ribs, my name undone
a strong sun to comb the wind
which waved my worn to the breeze
to ring my lovers memory
for what we died and live to seek
and on his cheek a kiss and chill
before our actions could speak again

I stood above the swaying green
silent prayer and tearless breath
for my face, upon his, cast no defeat
slowly... clouds reached over me
with hands of showers for sight
where fire ripped down the sky
the eyes of my lover in shadow and light

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