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Beauty With Sadness..
(09/1965 / Australia)

Beauty With Sadness..

I sit and watch a rose shed delicate tears
Dazzling crystal droplets falling from the petals
Shimmering facets against the sun light
Rainbow colours grace the glow, beauty with sadness
Falling, slowly sliding down to the ensnaring thorns
Where no one see's and no one really knows
Disappearing deep into the mossy earth
A sililoquy of silent tears never known
Enscapulated through dark sunken eyes
With verse, inspiration and remorse
The rose given in endeering love
But withered through the dry years
Forgotten are the days of love
Leaving remnants of what was and will be no more
Where no one see's and no one really knows
The tears shed by the forgotten rose...

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This is a really good poem, im so liking your style of writing! Adding this to my favorites!