Beaver And Church

Beaver and Church

I drove on Church; north.
-got to Park after Bloor,
-then Rosedale, Bayview

And smiled, even laughed
-I laughed at now and past
-when the Church was a core
-now it is rejected from base

Though shrine remains there
-Rainbow rules with Pride

Nobody finds place to park on
-or near, around Park, unless pays

And no rose on Rosedale
-as there is no view of a bay
-to be called "Bayview"

I compare and compare
-every sand of the beach
-to the rock of mountain
-and can see the rolling
-downward and in canals

"Oh, changes…"

Comes to mind some news:
- "Farm owners complained,
-of Beavers…destroyed…"

What a fall for Beaver
-the ‘Once best engineer;
-and still symbol of "Canada"

"Oh, changes…"

Love to make a movie
-on the names, locations

by Nassy Fesharaki

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