Because I Could Not Wait

Because I could not wait to jet set
I left my intellect behind
Amazed by the weight of this thing
To buoyant through the air

Because you did not send me the memo
I took it the seats were meant to rock
Then you took off without warning
And jerked me so hard
My head spun out of control

The plane crashed on take off
Three passengers and you, the pilot

And only myself, the sole casualty
Because you did not let me buckle up

Because I could not stop to assess
The injuries I sustained, the wreck
And those trapped inside and call for Mayday
After all, I was the only novice there

Because I could not stop to weep
For there wasn't much to wail about
Except for flamboyance quickly turning to sullenness
So I simply turned my back and limped away

by Stella Sisanda Qishi

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