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Because I Love You
CJS (June 06,19** / Zamboanga)

Because I Love You

Poem By Cheneth Jane San Diego

I thought you are my friend

You said, it will be till the end

But I guess it has come to an end

Coz you always pretend

I always trust you

In everything that you do

Coz you promise me you’ll always be true

But look, what did you do?

You’re the only one that touches my heart

And now you’re breaking it apart
I love you like a brother

Why now, you left me for someone much cooler

I still wish you’re still on my side

Coz you’re such a good guide

And when I’m about to be lost

You hold me so close

Don’t you worry baby

Coz I’m not angry

I completely understand you

Because I love you

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