Let Us Uphold

Let us uphold

India is truly federal and republic
It is run by public
With basic principles enshrined in the constitution
With single aim to uphold the sanctity of an institution

It reads in preamble
"We the people "
We are truly humbled
And positively lead

Even though bulky
It is sacred and holy
We hold its principles
And lead the struggle

We are indebted
To all those gifted us
The voluminous document
To cherish the moments

Let us make truly federal
For the people
Who also should respect other brethren?
With equal concern

Each religion has space
To breathe and protect race
Let us take resolve to uphold
And show it to the world

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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some promise that comes from the heart mind formed words, soul rejoice... Hazem...nice to share.....these thoughts! ! ! ! ! !