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Because I Love You
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Because I Love You

These fights bring me to tears,
The fighting surfaces my fears,
I cry franitcally, not knowing what else to do,
But i'd pnly cry infront of you...

Our arguments, so stupid and lame,
They're pointless, all the same,
Over stupid comments or thoughts,
Words so cold, my heart wrots...

To think about the good things, like lying in arm and arm,
Knowing at that time, nothing could cause us harm,
As you kiss my forehead and whisper 'I Love You',
I realize, what i thought, i never knew...

Your eyes so tender and calm,
Just silently watching, starring at you,
Feeling your heart beating strong, pitter patter,
Nothing else int he world could matter...

And the tears of happiness flood the tearas of sorrow,
My love will be stronger by tomorrow,
All is worth it, only for you everyday,
I'd cry my tears again, to know you'd wipe them away....

For moments like these, i know it's worth it,
Only because i love you...

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