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Because Maybe Maybe Because
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

Because Maybe Maybe Because

because i don't lie
i'm just not interested you may have more fun with pie
but sometimes i can be interested and smile with one eye
for it is the eyes and memories that
tell us the stories not just a chat
its our experiences that make us who we are
but in all honestly im just not the guy with the cool car
im the one sitting on the sidelines
just nothing interesting about me
yet i decide to live on happily

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Comments (2)

what a cool guy i like this poem
you are interesting to people just ppl that aren't interested in plastic shit and what money can by you. cuz damn those things don; t make a person interesting lol they make them easy to be used by others. interesting people who are themselves and happy with who they are...um yah great poem lol