That Liberating Bottle

You came to me by chance
Floated in on the tide
A wave meant especially for me
You reminded me that the world was out there
Sometimes it’s easy to forget
But someone out there will remember me
They will find a message
From the genie in the bottle
You came to me
And I will fill you
And send you back out into the world
The rough seas will try to break you
But you are strong
And my love will strengthen you even more
In the end, the seas will only polish you
Make you glitter and sparkle and shine
You are my way off this prison disguised as paradise
The tiny boat that gives me hope
And keeps my weakening soul afloat
I cast you off
You are free
Go back to the waters from whence you came
Only this time, you’re on a mission
To wake someone up inside
Now you carry a mystical message
From the genie whose soul was set free
By that simple, empty, liberating bottle.

by Maya Reid

Comments (7)

Christmas is Global Fest…crossed all boundaries of geography ethnicity…religion…nationality &c…very vibrantly dictioned Sir… thanks for sharing Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10
My heart is filled with joy Excellent poem.Be blessed 10+++++++++++
Christmas brings joy to everyone, all over the world. Some sing carols some write beautiful poems. Everyone is inspired. For once the world is united..........good job Ravi........
that's wonderful.....i wish you a merry christmas.
A warm, emotional piece. From my world to yours, a very merry Christmas. Kind regards, Sandra
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