To Self Inflict It

'Harvesting a pity decreases peace.'

A keeping of a biasness,
In inner cities to infest.
Has left many to regret,
Lost identities to respect.

Duped and drugged,
On impressions to make.
Mask wearing people claim a faith,
To fake.
Charading their beliefs to leave,
And degradations.

To self inflict it.
Sorrows to have borrowed.
To self inflict it.
And complaints.
Shared everyday.
Yet praying for a rescue.
But from who.

To self inflict it.
Overload with woes.
To self inflict it.
And entertaining lifes,
Remaining unchanged.

Pain sustained.
To self inflict it.
Playing the same games.
That are self inflicted.
Then under steeples on knees to weep.
Blaming other people,
For their own misdeeds.

To self inflict it.
Sorrows to have borrowed.
That are self inflicted.
And woes they will not let go.
With wishes to self inflict.

'Harvesting a pity decreases peace.'
Yet an evil is kept worshipped.
Just to remind,
The people of their agonies.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (7)

Christmas is Global Fest…crossed all boundaries of geography ethnicity…religion…nationality &c…very vibrantly dictioned Sir… thanks for sharing Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10
My heart is filled with joy Excellent poem.Be blessed 10+++++++++++
Christmas brings joy to everyone, all over the world. Some sing carols some write beautiful poems. Everyone is inspired. For once the world is united..........good job Ravi........
that's wonderful.....i wish you a merry christmas.
A warm, emotional piece. From my world to yours, a very merry Christmas. Kind regards, Sandra
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