Because Of It I Give

I am in this,
Out of love.
With devotion unexplained.

I am in this,
Trained or not.
To undo tied knots.
With a looseness freed.
Without pressure to exhaust,
Or stress and strain my brain.

I am in this,
Because I must.
And trusting what I do,
Is sustained to maintain,
That which I know.
Until my life returns,
To become again part of Earth's crust.
Dusting from a shedding done.

To grow,
Regardless of the circumstance.
With a drive to produce and deliver,
Not to reduce that voice within.
With an encouragement to take chances.
Sometimes screaming to be heard.
And I can not help but let it out.
Whether whispered or shouted!
I am not one to pout and walk about.

I am in this,
Out of love.
And because of it,
I give.

Since it is there...
To share,
And offer!

And that is how it is.
Out of love for it in me to give.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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