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Because Of One Person

You are starving yourself to death
You eat when everyone is asleep so they don't notice
You don't take sugar in your tea
But you lick it like a five year old when no one is looking
You eat so little that everyone feels sorry for you
But both I and you know you eat a lot more than that
Just because of one person
Your self esteem is hidden somewhere in a bin
It's so low that you are even afraid to look yourself in the mirror
Because of one person

You never attended one of your friend's parties
You never interact with your buddies
You never go to the shop for bread
You never take a selfie
Let alone social network
Just because of one person
One person who told you, you are fat and ugly

You hate yourself so much
You call yourself fat and ugly
Just because of one person

Fat as you are
You are beautiful
Ugly as you are to that one person,
To me you are beautiful
You are someone's princess
You will be someone's mom and wife
You are adorable
You are special
Put yourself out there now
Stop doubting yourself
Just because of someone.

by Mologadi Bongi

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