CVR (03-03-1954 / chembra)

Because Of The Deep Love...

you all utter a cry aloud
into the dense crowd
for me, as now i am dead
and laying on the bare bed.

my body is surrounded by
the nobles of splendid tie,
all, who were the kith and kin,
in deep love, have crept in.

all silent, the eyes lucent,
with rills of tears spent.

some pranked my corpse
with the large cotton drops;
and some, prepared a grave
out side the bath, very grave.

my fresh corpse was cared,
carried to the southern yard.
far away at the grave yard,
the sheet, stained red, was removed
'three holes! rude! ', they discovered
below the flesh of bare breast,
where darted the dainty bullet,
into my hearty plummet.

they found another hole divine,
on the waspy waist, a trifle one.
he punched and dunk in blood,
savoured until fed up with me.

no one could love like this,
but my, my own, dude.
he wished, nonelse be rude
to me but he only, so crude.

'reeva, you are not dead,
but only lives in our heart.'
the chief mourners, many of them,
together chanted the requiem.

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