Because Of You-07

'I was goin thru my old folders from school,
and i found a folder from 2006 that has some of my old poems in it,
theyre not very good, but who cares? i dont quite remember who this one is/was about...but im sure ill remember one of these days'

you know how you made me
you made me start to cry
you made me feel like i didnt be
i even wanted to die
Because of you

i am sitting here all alone
Thinkin about you
im mad that you dont have a clone
so i can make him my boo
Because of you

Why did you have to rip out my heart

'and the poem stops there, i guess i never got to finish it,
it doesnt make sense to me now, but i know,
that it made sense to me, back then in 2006'

by Selena Star

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this poem has put down in words what many of us go through, old diaries full of fond emotion, profound sorrow and blind rage. but when the same words come back on yellow pages of carelessly preserved diaries, all the emotions are lost. nonetheless the words still remain a memento.