Because Of You

I hate this feeling you gave me
I hate the way you did this
Because of you
I am so lost
Though the greatest cost
Is you hurting me deep
You making me weep

My feelings are hurt
My heart filled with dirt
So deep
So full of sorrow
Like there's no tomorrow

Why the heck did you do this?
You make me feel so pissd
Remembering out first time we kissed
Thrown out the door
And laid on the floor

You mean nothing to me
Nothing at all
Picking myself up before I fall

You don't deserve me
You don't deserve to be in my presence
I'm too good for you
I can live without
Your *expletive* all about
My life is free
Of all your misery

Because of you
I am free
Because of you
I can be me
Not someone I'm not
I'll just leave you to rot
Because of you
I am free
OF YOU! ! !

by Dan Uher

Comments (1)

It`s nice to be you, and not be someone your not, Alot of couple want you to change who each other are, , just be you and live your life.....