Love Or Death

In this world of hate
I try to survive
With all this pain
To madness I drive

Release my soul
From your cold grip
All that I can feel
Is my warm tears drip

I must be freed
Upon this day
For I cannot live
If it is here that I stay

by Nate Snowball

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‘Because of you I’m in allness and wholeness of yours only and alone’…enjoyed… thanks for sharing… Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10
Because of you, my love is cherished Because of you, my heart is full of love Thank you for sharing part of your life with me. thank you for everything in my life.. this canbe only grateful words....10 read mine thank you...anywhere..butterflies around
wow is the word for this poem Ravi..........this is sounding simple, truthful and written from the heart............great poem.........please read mine called A CONVERSATION WITH YOU
Lovely wording that full of love! 10+
life is all about symbiotic coexistence life is all about what you have expressed above!