Because Of You

Poem By rachel smailliw

You took my hand, and taught me how to walk
You caught me, when I stumbled so I didn't feel the shock

You taught me how to face my fears
You have shown me so many truths in only 14 years

You make my gloomy days as bright as the sun
You teach me exciting ways to have fun

You pick me up, when I'm too weak
You show me optimism, when it only seems bleak

You taught me lessons I probably never would have known
You cause my courage, confidence, and strength to have grown

All these things because of you
I'm strong, confident, pure, and true
My momma I love you!

Comments about Because Of You

so bright, my dear.What your mummy failed or ignored to teach you, though, is that darkness is unbelievably real and impressively massive.wait and grow up yo see.

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