Because Of You

people don't know whats going on
i hear the words, i know whats wrong.
they don't take the time to feel real pain.
but they always just stay the same.

i see the arms stretch out to me.
i see them choke, until i can't breathe.
i wanna run so far away.
i'm just scared there will be a day

that i just can't go any longer, without needing you beside me
where i can't wait for the moment, when you finally look up and see
and i can't carry on without you
and make a place in this mess
you make loving you so hard to do
and we're not strong enough to pass this test.

I'm scared there'll always be a wall
and when you try to jump over, you'll just fall
then you won't be able to get back up again.
but you'll say one day, you'll get in.
and i just laugh, because i care
because its absurd how you're always here.
and i don't deserve the kindness that you give.
and i know i make this life so hard to live.

but i'm doing the best i can
and i'll keep trying until i'm on top again.
and its all i can ever do
to make you see how hard it is loving you.
but i know one day you will see
that because of you there'll always be a place for me.

by Desiree Whitamore

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Oh, I like this poem of yours, and the end sum'd it up very nicely.