Because Of You

I find I am missing you.
And revisiting your point of view.
With an understanding,
I wish I knew then!

I find I am listening more.
And hearing to comprehend,
With a patience...
I did not have before.

I grew because of you!

I find my time has purpose now.
And I can admit,
I had wasted most of it.
To mope and sit in utter selfishness.

And I grew because of you!

I grew because of you.
In ways I never knew I could before.

So happy I am we met.
So happy I am I can reflect...
Knowing what you have left behind,
Stays with me and sits in my mind.
To encourage this life I live,
Is to do so...
With forgiveness,
And love to give.
Released unconditionally.

This is what you left for me to know!
And I grow,
Because of you!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

This reminds me of that thing about people coming into your life for a reason... it may be a day, a week, a month, a season. You see this, so for you I am glad. Still I detect a loss, that's not so easy to understand. 10/10