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Because Poetry

I had a poet's mind
From early childhood time
My brain was of the kind
that could make anything rhyme

I used words much greater
Than my tiny little self
And a few years later
Poetry filled my mind's every shelf

Everything I ever stood for
Was poetic, all the same
In every word I ever spelled
there was my poetry flame

They told me I owed it
To my talent to act on stage
But I, I never wowed it
Acting filled me up with rage

How could I ever utter
Any lines but my own
I felt like such a nutter
In the clothes they'd to me sown

Poetry's the way I am
The say I've always been
It's the closest thing to heart and hand
To express the truths I've seen

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I have to agree with you... I've never been a good actress, either. Generally I don't like much poetry besides my own, though. I guess each person writes from their own point of view, and they only resonate infrequently with the hearts and souls of others. Anemone
you are a veritable romantic, Agnes! :)