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Because We Thought Diffrently

A man is just about to press
the trigger
The explosives on his body
will kill everyone in the check-in counters
and most of the airline staff
He's sweating
Since birth he's been told that
this is the only way to paradise
He must honour his God
He knows he has to.


He has betrayed her, his own mother
He has put shame upon her
has put shame upon the family
They say he is a homosexual
It is a disease, it is not a pure living
He has betrayed their God
The God that she has told him
to honour
Since the day he learned to talk
She fires a shot
right in the back of her son's head


Bodies covered in blood
They will never
again smile, speak.
Someone loves them.
Maby they don't know yet
The blood's still warm.
It's another day of occupation.
Another day of war.
Another day of violence.

The bedtime-stories
of our childhood
will come back
to hunt
each and every one of us.

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This is why war happens. Just simply because we think differently. It's a very pathetic existence when all it requires is a little tolerance of eachother and then things like this wouldn't happen. Regardless, I enjoyed it :)