A Lady

You are beautiful and faded
Like an old opera tune
Played upon a harpsichord;
Or like the sun-flooded silks
Of an eighteenth-century boudoir.
In your eyes
Smoulder the fallen roses of out-lived minutes,
And the perfume of your soul
Is vague and suffusing,
With the pungence of sealed spice-jars.
Your half-tones delight me,
And I grow mad with gazing
At your blent colours.

My vigour is a new-minted penny,
Which I cast at your feet.
Gather it up from the dust,
That its sparkle may amuse you.

by Amy Lowell

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Comments (2)

Emotionally you’re nimble…not standstill is equal to this lovely poem 10 Ms. Nivedita UK
Missing you so much my love Day by day it is getting worst Without you my heart pains with sorrow everyday.....it is sign of intense love abebelonging for eachother.. i like the idea....