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Luminated Kisses (Abstract Photo/Art)

The sun's light radiates
As it sets
Kissing the pavement
Of a public throughway
As it fights the rotation
Of the Earth
Losing to darkness
It kisses broken glass
Upon the pavement
The reflection
Upon the glass
Dances upon the Earth
While the Earth rotates
Fondling that glass
Which was an accident's reminder
Which was left behind
By at least one motorized vehicle
Possibly two or three
Pounding its light
Upon the pavement
Trying to brand its mark
Yet dimming
Its light will be no more
Because the Earth's rotation
Yet with the rotation
Will bring a resurrection
Of its powerful, mighty light
In which, will win
Over the darkness
When it rises for another term
Its arrival be just as bright
Until another downed sunset
The darkness will arrive again

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Emotionally you’re nimble…not standstill is equal to this lovely poem 10 Ms. Nivedita UK
Missing you so much my love Day by day it is getting worst Without you my heart pains with sorrow is sign of intense love abebelonging for eachother.. i like the idea....