Because You Have Given Me Love

We’re sauntering slowly
In the exciting evening
Exchanging a mystical kiss
Soft moonlight avenue bliss;

by Uriah Hamilton Click to read full poem

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i'm practically crying, it's so sweet. i have lived that feeling countless times, and there is nothing better than it. my fav's list is screaming for its soul (in a good way) eni da kid
Epic. This just says it all. Those of us who have experienced the real joy and comfort of absolute love will relate one hundred per cent to what you write so masterfully. Those of us who have lost it will relate one hundred and one per cent.... this is one I will read time and time again. Thank you. t x
Lovely. Another Uriah Hamilton masterpiece. Well done. Shannon P.S. Don't you ever write anything that's just mediocre? lol
I'm not a big fan of how this one flows..but i think the message is beautiful and sincere..I admire you Uriah.
Wonderful, It's everything you want to say to someone that makes you a better person, I love the mysticality of it and the honesty. Really liked this one, a right little jem :) xxx tallie
I do like the phrase 'what mysterious forces/ have scripted for me.... ' as if you are sent through life by the forces and guided by your love.
I liked this poem very much, especially the last three lines of it. And I really admire the positive frame of your mind, the frame which sometimes brings new horizons of thinking. Yet, don't you think art matters? And it doesn't mean that I am thinking low of the charisma of art you have used in the poem; rather I am spellbound by your positivity and art.
Ah Uriah, still on the epic journey of love. Good for you! Well expressed as ever. Uplifting stuff. Thank you.
I like this joyful/romantic/optimistic style you have given into your poems. love is all it takes to make a depressing day gain a meaning. well done :) HBH
Yes, love is the ultimate gift. Because love never fails.It gives us light for the darkest day.Fine poem. Kindest regards, Sandra Fowler
A good poem, Uriah. Love can and often is the only thing that can sustain us through the stuff life throws our way. Well done. All the best, Hugh
So beautiful Uriah. I enjoyed it as always :)
the words so lovely and profound that moment when the heart has finally found redemption even if seemingly this tumbling world has caught the soul up in its confusion not so! the words here crystal clear like stars brought into the heart burning with the pure light of love a great uplifting poem the reader just happy to read the glorious words Thank you for giving this to those swallowed up in dim dark caves