* Because You'Re Mine, I Walk The Line. (Sorry Johnny. R.I P.)

Poem By Esra Sloblock

Unerring perambulation.
The infinite shining path
Is awash with surges
Of mellifluous ardour.

Oh, Tempest,
Come to me with all you have.
Burden me
With your angst,
Your fear,
Your demons.
Then prepare to see them slain.

It is I who choose
To enter the arena.
It is I who enter
Armed to the teeth.
Singular determination
And tungsten spirit
Guarantee my victory.

The unity
Of the entity
Is swayed by nought.
Dark forces be blinded
By the brilliance of our love.
Stack your carcasses behind us
And observe
As we swan dive
From the brows of vanquished ogres.

For I, and we, are forces to behold.

Comments about * Because You'Re Mine, I Walk The Line. (Sorry Johnny. R.I P.)

Remarkable phrasing. Memorable.
'Unerring perambulation / mellifluous ardour / tungsten spirit' Are you kidding me with this vernacular? Did you ever attend the G. W. Gunn Academy for higher learning? : >) 'As we swan dive / From the brows of vanquished ogres' are my favourited lines, but the piece is resplendent in its entirety. A stellar accomplishment Mr. Sloblock! Kudos, Greg
I had to read this again... if only to get the word 'mellifuous' in context. Mellif you me, melllif me you. And so forth. I love you. t xx
Wow! - 'but I'll try to carry off a little darkness on my back till things're brighter I'm the man in black' J. Cash would be pleased at this. Your lady is lucky! (but so am I as I have my own man in black! hee hee hee. He walks the line for me too.)
This one blue me away senior! Keep up the good work! -Zicky

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