Because You Said Yes

Poem By Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

The gloominess that once was
Gave in to light that brought smiles
And the loner feels your presence even in your absence
And strength birthed by coherence
Gave a vision to the hopeless

And the journey began
One of a thousand miles with a step began
Zeal and energy with purpose a focus
Smiles on our faces and prayers in our hearts
And this mountain that once was
Like a stone is kicked off its base
Barriers were there until one word made it clearer
And its true look even simpler

The world is overcome
The pillars are weightless
Light after the tunnel an understatement
My shoulders since built for weight
Yet like a wool I had thought it
Until your word came hitting
And I see my strength from within
That which had always been

What love can do
Makes the unbeliever believe
That life that never was is
And turn the sorrowful smile to cow and bees
That the flow of honey and milk never cease

Oh love that's unconditional flown
And existing errors and weaknesses never known
And the heart the center of it all softened

And I see a brighter her
The mindset against all hers killed
Oh so true true love can come of them
And some flowers can be a safe haven for the once ever wondering butterfly

And see the tears of joy
Replacing the sorrowful smile
And the owner remains the wearer
And together we shall drive the world
Because you said yes

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