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Becks And Posh

They do not need to struggle for to get by on his massive pay cheques
Though things not going too well of late for Posh and her man Becks
The gossip columns have it that he's doing more than starring at football
The one looked up to as a role model is human after all.

The secrets are out about Posh and Becks the World renowned football player
They were set up by the glossy mags as the ideal married pair
But now that Becks has been found out and the juicy gossip flow
The owners of the glossy mags their nest eggs grow and grow.

The word was out that the role model Becks to Posh was only true
But with beautiful young women offering themselves to him what was the man to do
For the women you knock back are those you cannot enjoy so the broadminded say
And Becks need not look back with regret as time on him ticks away.

We make men like him into small gods and then we feel surprised
To learn that they are not what they are made out to be but have we yet realized
That in every warm blooded young athlete the sexual drive is strong
And having his bit on the side is not what some call wrong.

And what of Posh so many ask with Becks will she now stay?
What happens between them won't affect me I don't care either way
For Becks and Posh are millionaires their futures are secure
And the media barons grow wealthier on them in a World of many poor.

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