Become The Salt

Believe in his promises; have faith
in his word; no matter what your eyes
may tell you, for your vision may become blurred.
Do not, allow yourself to be deceived;
for you know that God is not mocked!
So just ignore all the rest of it;
just let them talk.
He, is the truth; the only truth, so with
him, walk your walk.
Seek, and you shall find.
Ask, and it shall be given to you.
But, you must truly believe!
Right now, in this space and time,
Act, as though you have already found
what you are looking for.
Knock on that door! And know that it is truly opened unto you.
You need only to have the undoubting
faith, to walk through it.
And last but by no means least;
Be thankful; for what you have asked for;
And it shall be yours!
So, in the hardest of times, when doubt clouds our minds, look up, my friends
and sing!
Thank God! Beyond all reasoning.
For, through this all, if on Jesus we call,
We shall regain all of our seasonings.

by Bonnie S. Lee

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