Becoming - Alive In Every Fibre.

Poem By Genova Maaa my mother

The unchanging life of Eternal Reality;
that pure being that which ever
shines and shall never fade,
the web of illusion, here thick,
there thin, which hems in,
confuses, and allures, in fact
becoming - alive in every fibre,
related at once to the unreal
and to the real, the mood and
the enviornment, inspiration
and information, all these
chaterises this struggle.

(Graphic: from Genovmaaa's photobucket collections)

Comments about Becoming - Alive In Every Fibre.

The unchanging life of abiding actuality, the pure being within who is ever resplendent and will never cease to exist, the complexity of deception, heavy in some places, light in other places, confining confounding and magnetic, conscious, simultaneously allied to the absolute and the illusory, the feeling and the aura, motivation and data. Each of these represent the inner struggle. They take us beyond from known to unknown, from form to formless, from fear to divine love. Wow! What a breathtaking mystical journey you take your reader on in this superbly crafted write, dearest Tonyyyyy! I got so carried away, I forgot to breathe, I was so immersed in the poem! Another mystical gem, so inspiring and informative. Beautifully presented, I love your excellent choice of complementary graphic. Outstanding write! Gratitude for sharing, dearest...

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