Becoming Divine!

Poem By Dónall Dempsey

You threw
open the shutters

& the sunlight
took you

in it's arms

caressing you
with light

your nakedness
becoming golden

half of you in shadow
half of you in light

the sun's fingers
sculpting you

into a burnished statue
of itself

a glowing goddess

& you closed
your eyes & laughed

gasped as if
you'd dived

into a river of light

drowning in morning
& time.

Comments about Becoming Divine!

As Michael Caine once said: 'all ya had to do was open the bloody shutters' I'm glad you didn't say said this. It's beautiful! I know this is about the third poem on the same subject so I know you don't let go of it until you get it right. I think you got it right this time...right! Beautiful observation and beautiful concept! love GinaXXX
You just couldn't simply couldn't say she(nakedly) opened the shutters on a sunny morning...oh no...ya had to go and give us this...and divinely beautiful. One feels as if one could almost dive into that same river of light and delight that you have sculpted for us here. Sumptious and sensuous. gorgeous! love dee dee

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