Becoming Fashionably Chic

The concept of racism to discuss,
Is as outdated as the effects of self hatred.
It is there to be observed and reflects an acceptance.
Everywhere to be noticed.
And only entices debate,
Between those who wish to give it attention...
As if to mention this validates its existence,
For those unaware of its appearance to be convinced.

'We have elected those to represent and protect our interests.
What have they done? '

~Represented to protect those interests consented.
To prevent those interests from becoming demented,
With a giving that attention to prioritize when presented...
Has yet to be validated as an existence to represent.~

Something has to be done,
To prevent the increase of our insanities.'

~A self imposed quarantine,
Maybe the remedy that's needed.
We have already proven,
We can effectively isolate our beliefs to keep from others.
And accepting insanity has today become the 'rage'.~

'You may have a point.
It is available.
For the youth,
Becoming fashionably chic! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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