Becoming More Difficult To Achieve

When an immature mentality,
Becomes an accepted part of one's personality...
It stunts a growth process,
Observed in an environment...
Fed on the advantages of being irresponsible.
Where childish attitudes are fed and meant,
To circumvent adult behavior.

A behavior once accepted to respect,
Becoming more difficult to achieve,
With not too many today willing to experience...
The affects of expressing a maturity,
From that point of view!
And 'who' but a few today...
Would admit to being 'that' accountable for their actions.

There is a difference in the doing of things,
Interpreted by others to be foolish.
And to know what is done.
Than to do childish things...
And have few notice,
That the age of the 'childish' doer...
Has no comprehension to mention.

And the fault is found to lay on the back,
Of one who 'portrays' to be a fool...
To fit into such a dysfunctional environment.
To be laughed at but has achieved...
Peace of mind others can't seem to find as accessible.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

But if not of a childish doer? Who will crawl? Who will enthrall? Who will make the call? With decisions that have to be made. Who will lead the masquerade. Here take a sip of my marmalade. Maybe it will bring an end to this charade. Were are but of marching men of a parade. Someone has to lead, some has to follow. Just hopefully it's not of a heart so hollow. This is the problem. No one knows of inner peace. It's like a disease. No one can always be happy. No one can always be sad. Sometimes to be content is a united event. And we must never forget.