Becoming One

Poem By Sabrina Perry

When we're alone together, I feel as if we're in our own world, secluded and sexual. when I gaze into your eyes, it's like looking through the window's to another dimension, a dimension passionate and magical.

When you hold me in your arms, loving me through the night and your mind touches mine, no words have to be said.

Feeling your bare skin under mine as I wrap and intertwine myself around you, is like melting together, dissolving and merging everywhere our bodies touch, becoming one.

You make me feel as if there are no limits, no obstacles to what we can do together. you make me feel free.

Because being with you is like a whole new everything. it's like I never really knew what love really felt like, what love really meant.

When you touch me, I feel the best part of me being touched. When you talk to me, it's like I'm listening to a tounge only I can understand. And when I see your eyes gazing into mine, it's like I'm looking through a gateway, a gateway only I can pass.

Sabrina Perry

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