Becoming Successful

Many have spent decades.
To do for lifetimes and generations...
In pointless discussions to waste their time,
Focusing on how others should use 'their' minds.
To only witness what others do to prove,
A doing what they choose to get done.
No matter what the criticisms to them that comes.

'Great-great grand-daddy?
Why do some people always complain?
To do unchanged and done to remain the same? '

~It has become accepted as part of 'their' heritage.
But don't adopt to adapt to that.
Go to room.
And meditate on becoming 'more' successful.~

'On what this time? '

~Who wants to build homes on Mars?
Then do the same thing on Jupiter?
See it to believe it to get it done.~

'You always say to me the same thing.'

~And I have yet to see proof of you doing it.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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