Becoming Thankful

Its has been a long and tenacious road that
has lead me here. I have walked in the shadows
for far to long. I have been the enemy I have
been the villian to those who would do what
is in Gods will. I have faced my trails and
have failed without you lord. You have shown
me the error of my ways you have shown me
who I really am. You never gave up on me
you continually made an effort for my soul
even when I rejected you even when I blamed
you for things that have happened. Forgive
my foolishness for what was done. I pray
that you are merciful I pray that you will
show me even more of my errors. You lord
have changed me. You have taken my hand so
I can be safe. You have given me faith of
the heart you have done this for me a sinner
who is not worthy of such an act. A truly
forgiving God you are a truly thankful soul
I have become.

by Jacob Courtney

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Comments (2)

What an appropriate poem for this time of year, Being Easter and all that. I always find people's journeys through faith interesting, thankyou.
This is not poetic but a good read 10s