Becoming Zen

Poem By Lori Boulard

cast my soul up to the sky
for I no longer need it
it was never really mine to begin with

ancient sequoias grown
the ocean undertow
all of one planet
my mother

thundering sky
sun and moonlight
watching me closely
my father

grand time has no scheme
for the moment is the key
find where it fits
open the door
and be

Comments about Becoming Zen

This is a lovely hymn of peaceful connection with the world. Robert
Especially feeling the last line, Lori, but again, your ability to craft words into poetry is amazing.
Wonderful food for thought Lori, this is a joy. Hugs Anna xxx PS Thanks for your kind comments.
Excellent closing lines-the poem opens up into the reader's world with those words. Good work.
'cast my soul up to the sky for I no longer need it it was never really mine to begin with' Love this Lori. Captured my interest immediately. Thank you.

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4,8 out of 5
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