Becuz Of U

My smile, no longer belongs to me- it has been captured,
Caught in the web of your captivating beauty.
Sentenced to stare into your lovely eyes,
Only to yearn for more.
The so much more that my aching heart knows awaits behind all that hinders our union.
My empty arms cry out to you,
But to no avail, for once our time has been spent there is no changing the course of our midnight journey.
I lay lost in my thoughts follies, a joke amidst my own mind- for how can I love what is not mine to love?
Cherish what is not mine to cherish?
Share, but how when it had not been given to me by the signer.
Even tho my heart finders her-irresistable, I often times can not find her at all, for she is lost in the mystery of another life until she finds her way back home to me.
As I am lost at sea, surrounded by all I fear, until I am reassured that my nightmare has come true... And this and more is all becuz of u

by shahmill mcallister

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