I have no secrets
because secretive
people are incapable
of learning anything.
I want to learn because
I wake each day realising
that for all I think I know
I actually don‘t know much.

Be mindful of people who
call others a know it all
for they are insecure and
I know this because I
myself was insecure once.

Secretive people are afraid
and they are harmful because
you have to compare yourself
to someone else in order to
know that you’re in the wrong,
so keeping a secret means you
don’t want people to react to
you because you know how you
would react to that trait in others.

I have a secret for you, one you
know but have been trying to
keep from yourself, you’re going
to die, but Santa Claus
now that fucker is real.

by Seamus Fox

Comments (4)

I love the part about hearing the grown-ups feet walking by outside. I can just picture that little kid. It makes me remember the feel of my summer pajamas and the fan in the window and the subway in the distance.
The poem is not enough bad nor too good
I hate youuuu I lost a ####@££&£#
I remembered this poem from childhood and wanted to read it to my grandchildren. Thank you so much for making it available to me on the internet.