Poem By Dónall Dempsey

My favourite faded shirt
my tired old torn denim jeans

that have aged
along with me

my second skins

as much me
as me

now sit crazily
mixed up stitched up
into a patchwork

that you present to me:

“I went through your wardrobe
& used anything I thought you’d throw out! ”

“...these pieces fitted perfectly! ”

“Do you like it?
...are you pleased with me? ”

I smile & lie
I am delighted

“It’s such a lovely...surprise! ”

Comments about Bedclothes

This is a lovely love indiect and off the wall. The story is just so good in itself and how you tell it is even better. I love the whole concept of it. Gina xxx
THIS is so funny...I feel as though I have looked in a mirror...I wear jeans till they are see-through, and carry purses till they literally wear out...and I don't know if I would be able to smile if someone (no matter how much I loved them!) made a patchwork quilt out of them! ! Laughed till I hurt...

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