Abed, waterbed, childbed, seabed,
sickbed, riverbed, roadbed, streambed,
hotbed, flatbed, featherbed, deathbed,
daybed, trundle bed, embed, test bed,
seedbed, Murphy bed, Procrustean bed? ,
…breakfast in bed…bed and breakfast…
bedbug, bedpan, bed wetter, bed hop,
bedchamber, bed check, bed fellow, bedrock,
bedroll, bed clothes, bedroom, bed board,
bedtime, bedmate, bedridden, bedsore,
bed rest, bedpost, bed warmer, bedspread,
bed-sitter, bedside, bed table, bedstead,
a bed of roses, sleep tight—
a bed of nails...good night!

by Todd Garland

Comments (2)

Cute. I like the rhythm and the way you've put the list together. It's like jumping on the bedsprings...
This one didn't do much for me, Todd. It reminds me of something Melville's sub sub librarian would put together. Maybe I'm missing your intent here. If so, I apologize.