Aging As Ascent

from 'Dreams and Visions'

The larger view I get
in climbing towards the summit
has diminished early shames—
the lens of love
the only one that matters.

Beauty now—beauty everywhere! —
makes youth—with all its drama—
just one kind—
and one I gladly leave behind.

There's a hidden life inside
that's moving mostly
as does geologic time
but moving surely—
as the plates in crust unseen—

which makes me
feel and know
that dawn with light and color
always always follows.

by Glen Kappy

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That's quite interesting..but me 2 loves my bed! ! Preets
Good point well made, but oh man do I love my bed.
Lets bed down for the night and watch the stars on this site, stars like Duncan
A new perspective on beds. Have you read my 'From my Bed'. Lizzy.