Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory says the World is gettin' more chaotic
Says this old Earth is slowly runnin' down.
Top shelf books are getting more erotic
The UK is bein' governed by a Clown.

Chaos Theory says the Polar Ice is meltin'
Says soon we'll all be livin' in the sea
Says we'll all hafta pull our belt in
Even the air we breath will not be free!

Chaos Theory says the Earth is getting hotter
We will be like Venus - in a few more years
And round and round the desert we will totter
The fulfulment of our Global Warming fears!

Chaos Theory says we are devolvin'
In a few more years we all will look like Apes
Lets hope and pray the Earth will keep revolvin'
Before all the oxygen and pure water escapes!

Well try to make our own lives less chaotic
Change and decay in all around to see
Days of real improvement are spamodic
It's been like this since 1933!

But don't despair there's better things in store
For poeple who are faithful - who are wise
Who fight for Peace and bring an end to War
Chaos will cease when we are safe and sound in PARADISE!

Dedicated to all those who hope there will be a Planet for their Grandchildren to enjoy!

by John Knight

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That's quite interesting..but me 2 loves my bed! ! Preets
Good point well made, but oh man do I love my bed.
Lets bed down for the night and watch the stars on this site, stars like Duncan
A new perspective on beds. Have you read my 'From my Bed'. Lizzy.